The Sound of Magic (2022)


The story of an ordinary schoolgirl who had to grow up too early, and a magician who wants to stop time in order to remain a child forever.

Yoon Ai ( Choi Sung Eun ) is a high school student who had to work part-time to support herself and her younger sister. Her father ran away from creditors, and her mother also disappeared. Despite the difficult financial situation, Ai is a top student in her school. Her dream is to become an adult as soon as possible in order to have a stable job. One day Yoon Ai meets Lee Eul, a magician who does not want to grow up.

Lee Eul ( Ji Chang Wook ) is a strange magician who lives in an abandoned theme park with many rumors. Whoever he meets always asks the same question: “Do you believe in magic?” After meeting Yun Ai and asking her the same question, he received an affirmative answer … so their acquaintance began.

Na Il-deun ( Hwang In-yup ) is Yoon-Ai’s classmate and top competitor for top grades. He is focused on his studies, withdrawn and not sociable, but after learning about Aya’s passion for tricks and meeting Lee Eul, he begins to change.

Adapted from a webtoon of the same name, “Annarasumanara”.

Also known as: 안나라수마나라 / Annalasumanala / Annarasumanara/  Sound Of Magic




Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: May 06, 2022

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12 Comments to “The Sound of Magic (2022)

  1. Thank you so much for providing us this wonderful and amazing drama…I was really looking for this drama from past few months…
    In this story, i found myself, my inner self, sometimes it feels like it’s a story about my inner side..I personally really hate of being social and this world is too cruel and hurtful…but I find my happiness through this kdramas.. really thank you sm for this amazing cast !! This will remain in my heart for-ever..

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