Top 10 Korean Dramas of the Decade (2020) – Part 2

Korean dramas are known to offer a comforting and enjoyable experience for everyone. To top it off, there are all kinds of genre from thriller to romantic stories that has been entertaining us for ages. And as part of our quest to find the best kdramas of the decade led us to the discovery of some great shows which we would like to share with you.

So for the fans, we have for you a list of the top 10 Korean Dramas of the Decade that you should not miss! Lets get ready!

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This is a beautiful drama that tells the story of aspiring athletes who dream to take part in the Olympics one day. Kim Bok Joo, a college student who is a hardworking but emotional girl whose father was a famous weightlifter. Sometimes her fears and emotion overpower her from achieving her goals. In the same college, Jung Joon Hyun is a talented swimmer but always hindered by his poor start at the competitions due to fear. Song Shi Ho is a gifted gymnast who has won medal previously is mentally under pressure ever since she broke up with Jung Joon Hyun. Find out what happens in their lives and how they overcome their fear to achieve their goals.


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2. Mr. Sunshine

A drama based on the life of a young boy who travels to the United states of America in 1871 via a ship. The journey was called as Shinmiyangyo which means US expedition to Korea. After serving in the American Army as a solder, he returns back to Korea where he a woman who is the daughter of a traditionalist. Find out what happens to their lives.


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3. Defendant

An amazing drama filled with twists and turns when a famous lawyer Park Jung Woo serving in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Department wakes up one day as a criminal who is about to be hanged. He suffers from momentary loss of memory and has no clue how he ended up on the other side of the prison. He begins a journey trying to gain back his memory and finally acquit himself from the case. Find out whether he makes it or no!


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4. Live

An insightful drama that focuses on the lives of police officers who constantly deals with the stress and responsibilities. It tries to provide an outlook on how their emotions and relationships are put to test while serving to protect the citizens.


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5. Kill Me, Heal Me

Lighthearted Romantic comedy between a business man with mental issues and psychology doctor who treats him unofficially. Cha Do Hyun suffers from memory loss and have multiple personality disorder. Oh Ri Jin is a doctor who is kind and understanding but she has a twin brother who is a schemer and gets her into trouble. Find out what happens.Trailer:

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6. Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal is a fictional land where a battle for power is ensuing. It is a three part chronicle.

1st Chronicle revolves around Eun Som who comes from poverty but is born with the fate to bring destruction to the kingdom. And Ta Gon takes on the enemies to protect the land from invaders and aspires to be on the throne one day

2nd Chronicle is about a girl called Tan Ya who was sold in the slave market. Struggled her whole life and she now wants to avenge for her misfortune. While Sa Ya lives in the high tower who is going through suffering and exploitation. Will they ever come together to join hands?

3rd Chronicle is the final showdown of all the characters.


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7. Six Flying Dragons

Historical drama that follows the lives of six characters filled with ambitions and aspirations. The leader is Lee Bang-Won who is the third in line King of the Joseon Dynasty. He was the one who established the Joseon Dyansty alongside his father who is the King Taejo. Find out how their quest for power and position dictates their lives?


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8. The Guest

A suspense thriller drama surrounding mysterious crimes executed by unexplained force called Son a.k.a Guest. A team of fortuneteller, priest and an investigator come together to find the “Son”

The psychic is Yoon Hwa Pyung played by Kim Dong Wook. He uses his ability to help victims of the “Son”

The Christian Priest is Choi Yoon played by Kim Jae Wook is level headed and calm and has the ability to perform exorcism on possessed victims.

The Detective is Kang Kil-Young played by Jung Eun Chae who is very skeptical of ghosts until she meets the others in this quest to solve this mysterious case.


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9. Partners for Justice 2

Following the popularity of the season 1, Partners for Justice 2 takes the story forward of a forensic doctor and an investigator who come together to solve cases.

Baek Beom played by Jung Jae Young is the best forensic doctor in the country. Alongside him is Eun Sol who is an aspiring investigator. They both work together to bring down criminal masterminds behind heinous crimes.


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10. Hotel del Luna

A Fantastical story that revolves around ghosts as customers in a hotel. Hotel Del Luna is located in Seoul and ghosts are the customers of this place. Jang Man-Woi is woman who got stuck at this hotel as a young woman. Koo Chan Sung is laborious and honest worker of this hotel. He used to work in an international hotel chain before but he had to leave that job for this one.


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And with that! we have come to end of part 2 of the list, we truly hope you liked our list. Feel free to air your views and suggestions to us in the comments section below.

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27 Comments to “Top 10 Korean Dramas of the Decade (2020) – Part 2

    1. My favorite arthdal chronicles and six flying dragons watch it and thank me later so much love for this series here in south africa waiting for season 2 arthdal chronicles ❤

  1. how about the heirs is there possible that their having a part 2, and the landing crush on you that recently ending, a itaewon class nice ending but what happened about the romantic and successful,.ilove Korean drama there’s always a twist in the story that I always waiting cause you always guesting what’s the next,.or the ending of the story,. go back couple, ah I remember where’s the part 2 of the witch I love that movie, the innocent face go Kim da mi,. and her best friend, I hope there’s a part 2, cause the ending is so bitin, hehhehe I watch the movie 5x already,. I hope,.. there’s a part 2,. thank you

  2. Arthdal Chronicles flopped badly, therefore why is it on this list? I watched the film ‘The Guest’ recently on Netflix. I was pleasantly surprised by its high standard. The plot is gripping and the performances of the main leads is excellent.

    1. though it flopped it is considered and hailed as very good by many international viewers for its concept, acting and set. it flopped due to the content unfamiliarity as such a story was never shown before in korean drama

    1. 😂💔 seriously penthouse was not a joke…but I love arthdal chronicles I even cried🥺🥹

  3. i like to see season 2 in the following dramas- Boys over flower, Heirs, Uncontrollably fond, Secret garden, etc

  4. Goblin is a must watch!! The perfect cast with the best dialogues, storyline, acting and breathtakingly beautiful cinematography ❤️ It has everything to offer. Top 1 kdrama hands down.

  5. Arthadal chronicles
    I love it 💞💓and the guest amazing
    And hotel del Luna what a lovely and scary drama🥰

  6. I guess m late in this discussion…
    The list is ok. But I agree that it miss few really beautifully crafted dramas… For me…
    Chief of staff
    Stove league
    Lies within
    When the camellia blooms
    Designated survivor: 60 days
    Flower of evil
    Welcome to Waikiki
    Hospital playlist
    Beyond evil

    There r more but can’t recall..

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