82 Comments to “The Penthouse 3: War in Life (2021)

  1. It makes me crazy while waiting to another episode 😭😭, can you make it 2 episode in a week same before..

  2. You don’t know how many time i have refreshed the site to check if episode8 came or not.

  3. Episode 8 will be aired on SBS at 10 pm KST on 30 July due to SBS broadcasting the ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. From thereon, it will air every week as usual.

  4. Can u please upload 2 episodes at least ive been waiting for this patiently…. The best drama

  5. Waiting for episode 9 omw this is the best drama i have watched it always ends on a high not. Hello from a beautiful CAPE TOWN South Africa.

  6. i hate it that they killed oh yoon hee. i was hoping to see some romance with the dr. hashtag disappointments

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