Secret Royal Inspector Joy (2021)


The Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi is a historical detective comedy about a young foodie who ends up becoming an undercover royal inspector and teams up with a divorced woman who is looking for her own happiness.

Taecyeon will play undercover royal inspector Ra Yi Eon, whose only goal is to open a small dumplings shop. By chance he passes the state exam and soon he is offered a high position as a royal inspector. However, his main concern is to get out of work as soon as possible and take a lunch break.

Kim Hye Yoon will play Kim Jo Yi, an unconventional woman in the Joseon era who believes divorce is not a problem. She married a gambler and mama’s boy three years ago, and her family life has been challenging. She wishes to have a fresh start in life.

Original Network: tvN;

Also known as: 어사와 조이 어사조이뎐 Eosajoidyeon Eosajoidian Eosawa Joyi / Tale of Secret Agent and Joy / Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi / Royal Secret Inspector Joy


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Nov 01, 2021

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