Blue Birthday (2021)


A fantasy romance drama in which Oh Ha Rin will revisit the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo Jun who died on her birthday 10 years ago. She had resolved to confess to her childhood friend since elementary school but he ended up taking his own life, much to her shock and horror. He was about to confess to her when he met his sudden death in the photography room.

She currently works at an abandoned pet shelter, but on the 10th anniversary of the incident, she comes into possession of some photos that her first love left behind. Ha Rin, whose painful memories were relighted again, decides to burn all the pictures. When she was burning the pictures, she suddenly realized she was back to the day she took the picture 10 years ago. The camera only has 8 pictures, so Ha Rin only has 8 chances to go back in time

Original Network: Naver TV Cast;

Director: Park Dhan Hee [박단희]

Also known as: 블루버스데이 Beullubeoseudei


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , , ,

Starring: , , , ,

8 Comments to “Blue Birthday (2021)

  1. guys please watch it on wetv to give them views! there are english, portuguese and others captions too!

  2. I thought this drama was only gonna have a few episodes? Guess it has been a hit so they decided to keep the story going on. Either ways, this drama is hitting so <3

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