Top 6 K-dramas to binge on this March 2023

Bring on the new kdramas! March has fewer new drama premieres compared to last month, but don’t worry, there are still some great choices to add your watchlist. This month offers a mix of romance, fantasy and historical. Let’s check out the list of new dramas to watch in March 2023:

1.See You in My 19th Life (2023)

“See You in My 19th Life (2023)” is a romcom about Ban Ji Eum who has an extraordinary ability to recall memories from all her past lives. Having undergone nearly a thousand years of reincarnation, she has lived each life with determination. However, when her previous life is cut short by tragedy, Ban Ji Eum sets out to reconnect with those she knew before and finds a man named Moon Seo Ha whom she encountered in her 18th life. Will memories from her 18th life interfere with romance in her 19th? Or will love transcend lives?

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Starring: Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yoon Kyung,Ahn Dong Goo

Release date: Mar, 2023

2.Run Into You (2023)

Yoon Hae Joon, a talented news anchor, and Baek Yoon Young, a hard-working publisher, are thrown into a time-traveling adventure to 1987. As they navigate the past, they each pursue separate goals. Yoon Hae Joon seeks to uncover the truth behind a serial murder case while Baek Yoon Young aims to alter her family history by preventing her parents from marrying. As their paths cross, they discover that their seemingly disparate missions are inextricably linked. With the help of each other, they race against time to uncover secrets and rewrite their destinies.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

Starring: Yoon Chan Young, Bang Min Ah, Kim Min Seok

Release date: Mar, 2023

3.Oasis (2023)

Born in a small city in Jeolla Province, Lee Doo Hak was raised with a sharp mind. Unfortunately, he gets caught in a tumultuous series of events and becomes embroiled in conflict. After encountering a real estate fraud group, he transforms into a “political gangster” driven by the desire to avenge his father’s unjust passing.

Genres: Historical, Romance, Youth, Drama

Starring: Jang Dong Yoon, Seol In Ah, Choo Young Woo, Do Sang Woo

Release date: Mar 6, 2023 – Apr 25, 2023

4.Romantic Guest House (2023)

Yoon Dan Oh’s life takes a turn as she becomes the head of the household and runs Ihwawon Inn. Guests at the inn are scholars taking the civil servant exam. Three guests, Kang San, Kim Si Yeol and Jeong Yoo Ha, all have secrets. Yoon Dan Oh and the scholars team up to uncover the mystery behind Lee Seol’s disappearance 13 years prior.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Drama

Starring: Shin Ye Eun, Ryeoun, Kang Hoon

Release date: Mar, 2023

5.Delivery Man (2023)

“Delivery Man (2023)” is a Netflix series that showcases the dual existence of a woman who has a day job as an office worker but moonlights as an internet broadcast personality. She wears a mask to hide her physical insecurities, but finds herself caught up in a situation that disrupts her life.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

Starring: Yoon Chan Young, Bang Min Ah, Kim Min Seok

Release date: Mar 1, 2023 – Apr 6, 2023

6.The Glory Season 2 (2023)

“The Glory,” written by hit writer Kim Eun Sook and released in December, is a story about a former victim of school violence who seeks revenge on her bullies by becoming their children’s teacher. Starring Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun and Lee Do Hyun as Joo Yeo Jeong, the drama also features Yeom Hye Ran, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, among others. Part 2, set to release in March 2023, will show the downfall of the school violence perpetrators led by Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) as they fall into Dong Eun’s trap.

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Melodrama

Starring: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Im Ji Yeon

Release date: Mar, 2023

Which dramas are you looking forward most? Do let us know in the comment!

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